Data Recovery
Data recovery is the process of gaining access and recovering information that seems lost through standard means. This has become an imperative service in various situations ranging from user error and deletion to physical and mechanical damage on storage device.
If your business should at any point experience data loss, you need the service of a fully certified data recovery company to restore your digital flow.
Over the years, our data recovery services have continuously received high patronage in Australia and beyond, thanks to our experienced engineers who always have a successful outcome in every scenario. We have expertise in recovering data from all devices, including RAID, hard disk, flash drives, and more.
We invest heavily in our research to invent and implement innovative data recovery methods for emerging and existing media. Our commitment to staying ahead in our industry alongside our numerous certifications makes us the most reliable data recovery service in the industry.
Our Data Recovery Process
When you select any data recovery services, the journey begins when you call us for a pickup (Which is free) or drop your media directly at the lab.
Our engineers will perform diagnostics on your media to the estimated turnaround time for the recovery on your device and the price point. When we reach an agreement, our engineer will perform the recovery and stick to the agreed price, even if the recovery took more time than expected.
After the recovery, we will safely deliver your recovered files to you and ensure the total security of your files while in transit.
Our Services
The services we offer include:
why choose us
Why Choose Our Services?
As a data recovery firm, our experts have successfully recovered data from media that was counted as irrecoverable by companies. More so, we have successfully performed data retrieval on water and fire damage cases, logically damaged media, and encrypted devices.
We highly estimate our clients’ privacy; therefore, we perform all of our recovery services without the intervention of any third party.
In addition, we operate fully certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms, giving you the best chance at retrieving your files. We have the best tools and have performed recovery services on all types of devices in the market.
If we were unable to recover your file for any reason, we would maintain our “no data, no recovery fee “guarantee. We understand how crucial your data is to you, and we off a wide range of services to meet your need.
Situations Where Data Recovery May Be Relevant Includes
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