Office Relocation
A business may relocate its office for various reasons such as cost-saving, business growth or expiry of a lease. Relocating an office or a commercial business is a huge task that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Therefore, whenever we offer this service to organizations, we do so with the highest customer service level available. We complete office relocation services within the shortest period possible to reduce the number of working hours lost. Furthermore, we offer after-hours and weekend services. We can show up by 5:30 pm on Friday and get your new office running by 9:00 am on Monday.
We understand that relocation does not mean office shut down; therefore, we ensure every member of our office relocation team is thoroughly vetted and trained. In addition, our project managers are well experienced in office relocation services and will ensure your move is performed seamlessly and within your budget.
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Our Office Relocation Services
We always assign a single project manager to your office relocation from start to finish, ensuring consistency in communication.
Efficient and robust communication is a vital factor that contributes to a successful relocation project. So, our team will work closely with you to identify the optimal process to complete your move.
Technology Services
We offer top-notch disconnect and reconnect services. Our team of experts in IT network installations provides services to ensure zero downtime, identify and address specific dependencies while migrating your IT equipment to your new office location. We understand how delicate moving servers, computer workstations and other IT components can be. However, our experts can ensure safe, secure and cost-effective solutions.
Decommission Service
Our experts can help with your decommissioning and commissioning services. Be it small office projects or complex facility projects. We can also help you plan and execute strategies related to assets disposition, migration of assets and data, transition plans, de-installation of assets, and securing the chain of custody.
Project Management
Relocating a business is no easy feat. If every step is not managed correctly or planned, complexities can arise, leading to unexpected costs and downtimes. To mitigate risks and minimize interruptions, it is expedient you engage the services of a project manager experienced in driving productivity and improving efficiency.
To ensure a successful relocation, our project manager will work with you to analyze your existing process, provide guidance according to best practices and help you develop the best solution to make your office relocation a success. Each project is carefully monitored from start to finish.
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Why Use Office Relocation Services
Planning an office move can be overwhelming. From disassembly to reassembly, there is an endless number of steps that must be completed, and any delays in the process cost the company money. With the support of our office relocation services, you’ll experience an efficient, successful move with minimal-to-no downtime. We have the professional expertise and equipment required to tackle any of your moving needs.
If you’re preparing for upcoming office relocation, we’ll take the stress off your shoulders and manage the move from start to finish.